Monograms makes jagged and hefty pop songs made for driving and swirling:

In Brooklyn NYC, sometime in early 2015, some songs that were written and demoed in a bedroom quickly expanded from a solo experiment to a full band endeavor. Since then, Monograms performs anywhere they can get feet and sound to stage, supporting international indie regulars Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, GøGGS (Ty Segall/Ex-Cult), Girl Band, Ezra Furman, Sunflower Bean, DMA’s, Dion Lunadon, Quilt, Dreamers, Spires and others.

The internet advises: “This band is a sincere amalgamation of psych-garage, with the dark twist of NYC post-punk and 90’s era tonality”. These melodic threads, lucid rhythms and new-wave pallets point the approach at previous decades in DIY as well as contemporary lo-fi vibes that pull from similar genres.

Monograms is Brooklyn’s Garage-Post-Wave-Psych. A Digital Rock. A Vintage Future.




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